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Bob Goes to Jail  by  Sedgwick, Rob

Bob Goes to Jail by Sedgwick, Rob
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Rob Sedgwick was born into one of America’s oldest families and Manhattan royalty. His cousin, Edie Sedgwick, was Andy Warhol’s muse. His sister is Kyra Sedgwick, the actress and star of THE CLOSER- his brother is painter Nikko Sedgwick- his brother-in-law is Kevin Bacon, and his stepfather is renowned art dealer Ben Heller So, to say Rob has struggled to stand out in a family of big personalities is putting it mildly. In this hilarious and touching memoir, Rob recounts how the DEA and the NYPD mistook him for a drug kingpin while ironically he played one on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.He and his younger sister and brother brought themselves up in the “Upper East Side Townhouse that was bigger than all the other Upper East Side Townhouses.” He relates his journey from lost little boy to bad boy to hapless criminal with such honesty and heart that you can’t help but find him a loveable rogue.

As a young man, he had the drop dead good looks of Robert Redford and the judgment of Lindsay Lohan. You cringe at each bad decision, and there are so many, but even as he is telling you he sold drugs out of his grandparents apartment, knocked up his stripper girlfriend and did lines off his parents priceless antiques, you find yourself rooting for him to find his way.This is the story of a New York socialite with a price on his head from the Mexican Mob.

This is the story of a Hollywood actor who did New York soap operas because his parole wouldnt let him leave Manhattan Island. Full of self-examination and biting comedy, absurd situations and very human feeling, BOB GOES TO JAIL is more than the memoir of a man: it is the story of a generation.

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