99 Coffins David Wellington

ISBN: 9781741755930

Published: 2008


99 Coffins  by  David Wellington

99 Coffins by David Wellington
2008 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9781741755930 | 8.63 Mb

I originally had a three star rating on this book, but I finally upped it to four. While it has some specific failings its still an interesting book and I think it should get a low 4. I finished it up last night and went to bed thinking Id give it a 3...but now I realize I do plan to continue the series and I was interested in the book from first to last.So whats good?

This is an in your face vampire book. They arent traditional vamps but neither are they sad, romantic...sparkly vampires. These undead freaks will rip your arm off and suck your blood out through the wound. They have a mouth full of over-sized shark teeth are immensely strong and fast and arent really what one would call, humanitarians.

This book while sometimes wandering off topic a little (you still have the seemingly obligatory romantic entanglement) gives some of the most frantic vampire action out there. Theres a climatic battle in the book that again while having some problems is more or less one of a kind.So, you get a well done story with a buildup and hairy climax. Great mental junk food.So...whats bad?

Well, as noted some great action. Sadly Mr. Wellington needs to educate himself a little more about firearms. I know this wont bother many of you. Most, probably wont notice the glitches but firearms enthusiasts, veterans, members of the armed forces, Law Enforcement officers and others will.

Just roll your eyes and read on, most readers wont notice the misstatements.Then theres Laura (Caxton) our protagonist. She should have been dead several times over. That was the part of the book that almost got it a 3 from me.

Speaking of eye-roll moments there were at least 3 of those concerning Lauras survival...still its okay, I guess.Though I saw one reviewer who ripped the book the proverbial new one over this.Sadly, the book ends in that...run out and get the next book...way we see so often now. We sort of see it coming but its still a bit like ending a chapter rather than a book.Of course as I said I knew it was coming and I intend to (probably) get the next book so...So (as I said above LOL) good action read with fast, strong, nasty, hungry vampires. Enjoy.

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