Buddha Crane Karate Alton H Case

ISBN: 9781494720797

Published: December 27th 2013


136 pages


Buddha Crane Karate  by  Alton H Case

Buddha Crane Karate by Alton H Case
December 27th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 136 pages | ISBN: 9781494720797 | 5.70 Mb

About Buddha Crane Karate: Matrixing is a method of logic. While it can be used in any endeavor, it is specific to the Martial Arts. This book, Buddha Crane Karate, demonstrates how Matrixing was created, and how it is used to delineate and align martial arts. Mind you, it is only the forerunner of the matrixing courses offered on my website, but it is pivotal to the development of matrixing, and thus extremely important.

In this book youll see... The circle of blocks that eventually developed into the matrix of blocks. How I developed the buddha palm as a split timing sort of thing, which evolved Karate from a block and counter method. The exact thing that mushes data together and destroys the alphabet of the martial arts. Youll see my first arguments as to how and why the martial arts become corrupted. Youll see my first thoughts solving internal energy which will develop into the book on The Punch. Youll see mention of various arts and how they contribute to matrixing. Youll see my first conclusions regarding matrixing all the directions of the universe.

Youll see the data concerning how I developed thousands of techniques from the logical arrangement of just a few techniques. Youll see a lot of things that developed directly into matrixing, or showed how I did it. Further, youll see how I created and arranged concepts and motions to make an entire art. Ground up, right from the start, and in a way so youll understand that I was not throwing away the classical, but trying to right it. Now, heres the thing.

I never offered this book for sale. I bundled it in with the Create Your Own Art course, and that because of the way I was using matrixing to create a new art out of the old. So, unless you ordered Create Your Own Art, you likely havent seen this book. About the Author: Al Case began Martial Arts in 1967.

He has studied Kenpo, Karate, Northern Shaloin, Southern Shaolin, Aikido, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, and much more. He became a writer for the martial arts magazines in 1981, and had his own column (Case Histories) in Inside Karate.

Currently, he resides on a mountain top in Southern California where he is building a Martial Arts temple.

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